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The Cashless Buyback  

A Supplement / Superior Alternative to Corporate Share Repurchase Programs 

Are you a director, CEO, CFO or Treasurer of a public company? Is your firm's equity substantially undervalued?  Has your board authorized a stock repurchase program?  A Cashless Buyback equity exchange offer enables your firm to capitalize on undervaluation, expand or replace its buyback program, eliminate capital risk, make treasury a profit center, and sharply reduce officer, director and corporate liability for 10b5-1 / 10b-18 / equity transaction conflicts.  Capture for your firm important secondary benefits including a broader investor base, increased liquidity (trading volume), elimination of short interest, and improved access on favorable terms to equity capital markets.  The more undervalued your firm today, the more compelling the terms of a Cashless Buyback can be. 

The Cash xPRT IPO and Follow On  

Tomorrow's Stock Price Today

​Are you a director, CEO, CFO or Treasurer preparing for an IPO or follow-on equity offering?  Worried that pricing will be well below full value and fees too high?  A Cash xPRT offering addresses those problems and more.  A Cash xPRT offering is an attractive source of equity capital for any substantially undervalued corporation.  The more undervalued your firm today, the more compelling the terms of a Cash xPRT offering can be.

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MG Holdings/SIP - Your Banking Partner's Partner

MG Holdings/SIP does not compete with your existing bankers.  We can architect and execute transactions unassisted.  Still, we recognize that your bankers have earned your confidence.  Whoever your bankers may be, we are ready to serve as their advisors if we serve you best by serving them.  A joint meeting with your preferred bankers is a logical first step in considering whether a relationship with MG Holdings/SIP makes sense.  We tend to focus on Silicon Valley technology companies and firms visiting the New York City area, but we will travel worldwide to confer on financial strategy with your senior finance staff and executive decision makers.  

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Cashless Buybacks

Reduce Share Buyback Downside  
Avoid 10b5-1 / 10b-18 Option Conflicts
Make Treasury a Profit Center
Raise Equity Capital at 3x Spot
No Debt, No Cash Outflow...Ever
Zero Counterparty Risk

Cash xPRT Offerings

Stock Offerings at Tomorrow's Price Today™
No Debt, No Cash Outflow...Ever
Zero Counterparty Risk